Our Team

We are passionate about data!
Therefore, we decided to launch Data Whale Curation & Management, aiming to unlock meaningful data on the Ocean Marketplace. Within our extensive global network, we source valuable datasets from a variety of industries and manage their liquidity on behalf of the data owners.


"Rango" has been part of the Ocean Protocol community since pre-ICO in January 2018. His excitement to unlock data has been growing ever since. He is the lead data sourcer at Data Whale. His commercial leadership background provides access to an extensive reach to a variety of company decision makers, high net-worth individuals, influencers and industry leaders.

Open Water Diver

"Glory" has a background in finance, hospitality and supply-chain management and has recently launched a cross-continental import & export business. Her passion for data is growing daily since the inception of the Ocean Marketplace. Due to her background, Glory will take charge of financial & community support.


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