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Our data-token application serves to smartly stake, research and track data-tokens, whilst providing information about price history and other useful insights.

OceanDAO Round 1 Application

OceanDAO Round 2 Application

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Data Whale Research


Data Whale "Data Plan" - The Art of Data

Here you may download the open source file of the Data Whale Curation & Management "Data Plan".

The document outlines the proposed roadmap of Data Whale, providing a clear understanding to stakeholders about Data Whale's attempted objectives, implications, challenges and the team's vision.

The business plan is a work-in-progress document and may be updated without prior notice.


Data Whale Pitch Presentation

The Data Whale pitch presentation can be downloaded below. This document is used by Data Whale for client acquisitions and explains the ecosystem behind Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, The Data Economy and Data Monetization on the Ocean Marketplace. It also summarizes the current benefits & risks.


Data Whale Research Paper #001:
Conditional Liquidity Withdrawals

The Data Whale conditional liquidity withdrawal research paper provides a deeper understanding of the broader Ocean Marketplace ecosystem and how liquidity withdrawals may be utilized to benefit the long-term value of the data economy.