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Outreach Strategy: Impression Mining for General Ocean Market Content

The below proposal is based on findings of the impression mining program established by Index Coop, which can be reviewed here.

General Objective

The purpose of initiating an impression mining program for the Ocean Market is to leverage a cost-effective method to generate network value in the form of Total-Value-Locked, Data Token Consumes and Swap Fees. Generally, this strategy aims to encourage awareness about Ocean Protocol’s technology and the Data Token asset class.

Incentivizing contributors to create educational and engaging content about the Ocean Market may lead to organic reach and viral posts that have a positive effect on adoption towards the Ocean Marketplace.


Impression Mining generally treats every content-creator as if they were an approved contributor, entitled for an incentive towards their posts (as long as they comply with below terms and conditions). After a defined period, each contributor may submit the backup of their engagement via Google Form or Hubspot (check out this example) to claim their incentive.

Here are the proposed incentive per channel.

  • Social Impressions (e.g. Twitter): 7 $OCEAN / 1'000 impressions

  • Editorial Content (e.g. Medium): 20 $OCEAN / 1'000 reads

  • Video Content (e.g. YouTube): 30 $OCEAN / 1'000 views

Here’s the proposed timeframe for claims.

  • Contributors are required to claim their incentive via a Google Form or Hubspot (or similar) on the last day of each month.

Here are the proposed content guidelines.

  • The content needs to focus on the utility of Data Tokens and Ocean Protocol technology in general.

  • Each submission requires the content to include a reference to the Ocean Marketplace and its functionality (e.g. hyperlink paired with explanation).

  • The content can be engaging and entertaining, but requires to highlight the utility of the Ocean Market and tag one of Ocean Protocol’s handles (e.g. Ocean Protocol’s Official Twitter, $OCEAN, the Marketplace Website, or others)

Here are the proposed terms and conditions.

  • During the trial of this strategy, the maximum payout is 1'000 $OCEAN per unique contributor. Duplicate submissions lead to blacklisting.

  • The minimum payout to be achieved is 100 $OCEAN within a 1-month timeframe to justify gas-fees.

  • The total budget allocated towards this trial is up to 10'000 US$ worth of $OCEAN Tokens (incl. incurred gas fees to facilitate transactions), which will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis at the end of each month over a trial period of 3 months, or until the funds are depleted.

  • The program will not incentivize or reward the following: spamming followers, paid impressions, general trickery, misleading / wrongful / inauthentic content, saturation of themes or any other conduct that is doubtful.

  • Contributors that are receiving rewards for their engagement by any other group within the Ocean Protocol eco-system (e.g. Ocean Ambassadors, OceanDAO) are not entitled to apply, in order to avoid “double-dipping”.

  • The payout is made in $OCEAN via the Ethereum blockchain.

Example: Alice created an educational tweet-thread about the Ocean Marketplace along with an explanation on how to swap $OCEAN for Data Tokens. She added some images and GIFs that help users understand the process and tagged the Ocean Marketplace. Her tweet gained 15'000 impressions in the month of October and she submits her backup via the Google Form on 31st October along with her Ethereum address and social handles.

Data Whale and supporters reviews all submissions and based on availability of funds, distributes the 105 $OCEAN incentive to Alice’s Ethereum address.


The above strategy is work-in-progress and will only be deployed should Data Whale be eligible to receive the requested grant in OceanDAO Round 10.

The program’s incentives may change without prior notice at any time.

Within the trial phase of 3-months, it is not guaranteed that contributors will receive their incentive, as funds are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis at the end of each month. Funds are limited, as explained above.

When participating in the program, contributors understand and agree to the guidelines and conditions set out in this article.

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