Data Whale is a startup that is inspired by the Ocean Protocol eco-system. We develop a variety of tools for the community that encourage the outreach of Data Tokens, an emerging asset class of ERC tokens backed by real-world data. Our team of 30+ freelancers, developers and business development leads are constantly working on improving the tools that are available to navigate the data economy. We also aim to acquire the most sought-after datasets, which we curate and tokenize via the Ocean Marketplace, unlocking new data assets for investors and profit streams for data-partners.

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  • Core Ocean Protocol Community Member since 12/2017

  • Early Ocean Protocol Ambassador since 01/2019

  • Supported by over 30 freelancers from 12 countries with various skills (Web3, ReactNative, Python, Web Design and more!).

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Have you ever heard of Data Tokens? To keep it simple: it's an emerging asset class very similar to NFTs, built on Ocean Protocol - a decentralized data exchange protocol that unlocks the value of data.

So now that we've got your attention, subscribe to our social channels and learn about an emerging asset class within the blockchain space.

Data Whale will bring you the latest updates about "Initial Data Offerings" (IDOs), Data Tokens, the data marketplace and other great insights.

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• Data Whale was founded and launched its first dataset on the Ocean Marketplace.

• The “Directory” Dataset hits over 1’100’000 OCEAN in TVL within 1 week and also becomes the most sold dataset on the Ocean Marketplace so far. 




• The development of the ALGA. application is in full swing with the help of Zaytrics, a startup with over 10 full-time developers.

• Data Whale‘s proposal wins the first OceanDAO voting round.





• Code review by Aegis Studio successfully completed.

• Data Whale wins a third round of funding via OceanDAO.

• Data Whale’s second OceanDAO proposal is voted by the community as a winner.

• Data Whale launches pool rating guidelines for the top datasets on Ocean Market.



• Data Whale releases the alpha test versions of the ALGA. application on both Android and iOS.

• Data Whale continues its business development efforts and is now offering data tokenization via Versatile Synergy, a digital transformation startup.

• The first datatoken giveaway competition is launched via Twitter (0.1 ETH).

• Data Whale is introducing its “DaFi” (data finance) adoption sprint, a broader marketing strategy for datatokens.



• ALGA. (Beta) is launched on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

• Re-branding of the Ocean Market Directory providing detailed valuations of each dataset.

• Re-branding website for a more appealing experience.

• Integration of Rugpullindex to the ALGA. application.

• Launch of the Data Whale YouTube channel as part of the “DaFi” adoption sprint.

• Data Whale wins Round 6 of OceanDAO.

• Wallet integration and Data Token trading functionality developed for ALGA.

• Implement dark mode for ALGA. 


• Cross 250 subscribers on YouTube channel.


• Launch more Initial Data Offerings backed by quality real-world datasets.


• Complete Phase 3 of ALGA. development with Data Token analysis tools and data bounty option.


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